Historic Mendham Township

Morris County, New Jersey

The Mendham Township Historic Preservation Committee works to preserve and educate the community about the Township’s rich history and to encourage its protection.

1853 Mendham Map

History of Mendham Township

Mendham was settled in the 1700s because of its rich natural resources. The headwaters of three rivers, Raritan, Passaic and Whippany, provided water-power for mills and manufacturing, and well-drained and fertile soil for farms and orchards. The flourishing township was incorporated in 1749.

Historic Districts & Architecture of Mendham Township

The National Register of Historic Places lists and describes the Nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. Mendham has five Historic Districts: Brookside, Combs Hollow, Ralston, Tempe Wick/Washington Corners, and Washington Valley. These include hundreds of houses, structures and sites that contribute to making our township a truly historic community.

Mendham Township Historic Districts Map
Pitney Family

People of Mendham Township

Portraits of the early settlers are scarce. Record books, deeds and local histories, however, preserve some of their names. We know the achievements of the most prominent, such as founding families and community and business leaders. An understanding of Colonial and later times will help shape the stories of the countless unnamed others so that we may recognize their contributions as well.

Ralston General Store 1963

Industries of Mendham Township

Early Mendham relied heavily on industry to sustain itself and grow. Water-power was harnessed for sawmills, grist mills and woolen mills. Mining provided iron ore. Factories produced textiles and glass. Shops were set up for blacksmithing and leathermaking goods and general stores traded in local and imported goods.

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