Scavenger Hunt

Test your knowledge of Mendham Township history! Download 2o questions pdf linked HERE to be eligible for a $50 prize.Here's a hint: You can find all the answers on this website.Use the search button (magnifying glass) on the upper right of each page (it's right next...

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275th Festival June 8

Come celebrate our wonderful town's history! Enjoy Displays, Live Crafts Demonstrations,Scavenger Hunt, Time Capsule Contest, Art Show, Township Archives Collection, Games, Music, Food and Bake Sale. Free fun for the whole family!Festival Participants:Ralston...

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Ebenezer Byram

In 1744 Ebenezer Byram and family moved to Roxiticus in Morris County from East Bridgwater, Plymouth Colony. He was fifty-two. It was late in life for him to make this move. In the mid-1700’s the average life expectancy was close to his age in the mid-fifties. Why did...

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275th Anniversary

Happy 275th, Mendham Township! On the 29th of March of this year, the Township of Mendham celebrates 275 years of officially being a town. Morris County, originally formed in 1738, was first made up of three townships: Morris, Hanover, and Pequannock.  Mendham...

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History of Ralston Cider Mill

Origin as Nesbitt Grist Mill In 1818 Mary Ann Ralston, daughter of John Ralston, married the nephew and namesake of her father’s business partner Hugh Nesbitt. She had grown up at a time when the Roxiticus area (now called Ralston) became of thriving industrial...

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Naming Mendham

There are names for municipalities large and small, including hamlets, villages, towns, and cities. There are even names where streets meet. How are these names picked? The story of who, what, where, when, and why varies from place to place. What about Mendham...

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6 East Main Street, Brookside

6 East Main Street is an interesting building in Mendham Township. Owing to the presence of low hills and narrow valleys, along with an abundance of water, a mixture of commercial buildings and residential structures were built in the Brookside area over the past two...

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Hartshorne Fitz Randolph

Hartshorne Fitz Randolph was an important 18th century leader in Mendham Township. He lived in a turbulent time of political unrest. Political boundaries were shifted as New Jersey sought to rationalize local government. Hartshorne was a Quaker, a man of peace in a...

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Original People

The land that we call Mendham Township today, in the era before the Europeans arrived, was occupied by a people who lived in harmony with the land. This native population had slowly traversed our continent from the Bering Strait. What we call New Jersey became the...

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