Tempe Wick

The Tempe Wick/Washington Corners Historic District is located within Mendham Township and Harding. It is defined by Tempe Wick Road which dates to the 18th century and extended from Mendham to Elizabeth. The historically significant structures of the district include the schoolhouse at the intersection of Corey Lane and Tempe Wick and the Leddell house at the intersection with Leddell Road. Both structures are now private residences.

The district has a distinctly wooded character emphasized by Jockey Hollow. The towering forest gives way here and there to open swaths of land previously used for farming, now subdivided into large lots for residential development. Significant preservation of land along the road as open space provides a green vista throughout the district.

The area contains significance in military history. During the Revolutionary War, American troops camped at Henry Wick’s farm and the surrounding properties. The road and district are named for Temperance “Tempe” Wick daughter of Henry. Legend tells us that one day when Tempe was out riding her favorite horse, she was approached by a group of American soldiers camped nearby who were very much in need of horses and wished to claim hers. Tempe, not about to give up her dear friend, galloped home as fast as she could. Thinking quickly, she led the horse inside the house to a guest bedroom. The story goes that Tempe waited on her honored guest for three weeks until the encamped soldiers moved on.


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